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About Us
Aim Tattoo Supply is one of largest professional manufacturers of quality and safety tattoo supplies and equipment.
Our Factory specializes in producing,designing ,developing selling all ruge of tattoo supplies which include tattoo machines, sterile tattoo needles,premade tattoo needles, tattoo tips, tattoo grips tattoo power supply,disposable tube,disposable tip,tattoo falsh,tattoo pigment, body piercing jewelry,body piercing tools,piercing needles,tattoo colors, tattoo ink,permanent make up supplies and equipment, disinfecting and sanitation products,and many more.
To keep our customers satisfied is always our priority, we will continue to remain competitive and improve our products.
We also offer OEM tattoo supplies,if you are interested in, you just give us your OEM information.
For more information on our products and services feel free to contact us.
Thank you for your attention us!!
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